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scheduled appointments


Consultations and the intervals between them are scheduled individually.

Please get in touch with me via phone or email .


For individuals, one session usually lasts 60 minutes.


For couples, families and mediations I usually schedule 90-minute sessions.


Group sessions may have an even longer duration that we agree on individually.





If you cannot meet a scheduled appointment, you need to cancel it two working days prior to the appointment. If you cancel it later, I must charge you for the session, since this appointment then could not be assigned to other clients.





Systemic counseling and mediation is not psychotherapy and is therefore not paid for by health insurance. It must be paid for privately. My fee for private persons is €100 per hour, in hardship cases upon agreement. My fee for companies is individually agreed upon, depending on the assignment. In all questions of costs and fees, feel free to contact me.





It is understood that all information and disclosure will be handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


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