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training offers

Here you will find a small selection of the topics on which I offer training courses. Feel free to contact me if you would like to inquire about training.

attachment and addiction

It is about the influence of failed attachment on the development of addiction problems in childhood and adolescence.  The first part provides an overview of attachment research, the causes of dysfunctional attachment patterns and the resulting consequences for child development. In the second part, the connection to the problem of addiction is made and starting points for prevention and intervention, for example in the work with parents, are shown.  

Working with children of addicted parents

The first part gives an overview of the current state of research and the effects of parental addiction problems on the development of affected children. The second part deals with intervention options and fields of action with practical examples from a prevention program for children from families with addiction problems, the "Trampoline" manual.

Systemic tools

This seminar conveys a systemic perspective and helpful systemic methods in family-based work with young people at risk of addiction and their parents. The seminar has a high practical component.

ways into the future. Discover potential, use strengths.

Am I on the right course? Am I living in harmony with my strengths and talents? Where can I go new ways, discover resources, how to find a better balance? What are the next milestones for my life, privately and professionally?
We offer a space to pause in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to reflect on oneself as a person and in one's role and to recognize new aspects in exchange with others. We support the reflection process with creative practical exercises from our therapeutic and supervisory work as well as inputs on the subject areas of identity, potential analysis, future vision, resources and challenges, anchoring in everyday life.

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